Bucks for sale

A few of the highest performing bucks from each kidding are saved for our own use or for sale. Any others must be reserved or purchased before 8 weeks when we castrate. This page is kept up to date to the best of our ability. Last updated: 6/17/24

August 2023 bucklings

August kids have been weaned! We have 6 high percentage Kiko or Savannah bucklings to choose from. Scroll down for pictures and more information. Contact us today if you are interested in purchasing one of these buck kids.

  • Breed: 3/4 Savannah

  • Sire: SMC OLLIE

  • Birth date: 8/12/2023

  • Litter size: Triplet

  • ADG: 0.41 lb/day

  • Standardized 90 D weight: 56.8 lb

  • Price: $300

April 2024 bucklings

The April group of kids will be weaned soon. We have saved a few promising 100% Savannah and Kiko bucks for further evaluation. Pictures, more info, and purchase options will be coming soon. Contact us today if you are interested in reserving one of these buck kids.

Price: TBD