Does for sale

Our primary offering in this category is eight to twelve month old doelings. Occasionally we will have older does to sell which will be listed as well. This page is kept up to date to the best of our ability. Last updated: 2/22/24

April 2023 doelings

Approximately 30 head of doelings available for purchase now. They were born in late April or early May 2023. Percentage Savannah, Kiko, Spanish, or all three. Performance tested, representing the middle 50% of their contemporary group. Guaranteed to have no extra teats. Contact us today for more information or to purchase these low maintenance, hard working goats.

Price: $300 apiece OBO

December 2023 doelings

The December group of kids is on the ground and weaned! They will be available for purchase in July or August 2024. Lower supplies and higher demand have meant that many are getting sold before they have a chance to be posted here. Please contact us if you would like to make a down payment and reserve doelings in advance.

Price: $300 apiece