Listed below are pictures and information for some of our past and current herdsires. Take a look and see what the male half of our herd looks like!

Current Herdsires
 RPL High Noon

We are excited to announce our acquisition of genetics from Rafter P Livestock in Idaho. Their emphasis on data-driven decisions and use of EBVs will be the industry standard of the future. High Noon is a registered fullblood Savannah and was the highest ranking buck kid in his contemporary group.


Lightning is a commercial buck, 3/4 Savannah and 1/4 Kiko. He has BHF genetics and has been part of our herd for many years, adding an impressive combination of the traits that made the Kiko and Savannah breeds great.


Gurath is a registered purebred American Kiko bred by the reputable Troy Lohman of TNT Farms. We acquired him in 2022 to add height and hardiness to our herd.

Pictures coming soon.

 SMC Ollie

Ollie was a registered fullblood Savannah. We purchased him from a local breeder, Sweepstakes Farm, in 2022 to add height and muscle to our herd.

Past Herdsires
 GR Hermie's Indian

Hermie's Indian is a purebred Savannah buck bred by George Rose. We purchased him from the herd dispersal sale in March 2024. He is a solid Savannah workhorse with ITG and CMF genetics.

Pictures coming soon.