We buy feeder goats!

If you have goats to sell that are not ready for the slaughter market or high enough quality for breeding stock, we can help. We purchase lighter and lower quality animals to help fill our feedlot year-round. Skip the auction and sell direct to get a solid price before you make your decision to sell and avoid any commission or fees. Read below for more information and contact us if you have some feeder goats you would like to sell.

  • Breeds: Any meat breed or dairy breed crossed with a meat breed. No pure dairy or miniature breeds.

  • Weight: 30 - 50 lb

  • Sex: Can take intact bucks but wethers or females preferred.

  • Number of head: We buy any size group depending on our need. Smaller groups will need to be dropped off at our farm or we may be able to arrange pickup if it is a larger group (20 head or more) within reasonable distance.

  • No sick or lame animals

The best way to contact us with goats to sell is by text at the number listed below. Include photos or a video of the goats along with number of head, breed, sex, and approximate weight and we will get back with you! Phone calls or emails are also acceptable if texting is not an option. Thank you!